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Photo: Let Kunovice
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Czech Aviation Experts in Mongolia

Date: 28 May 2018 - 30 May 2018, Venue: Ulaanbaatar

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ulaanbaatar, will implement the first part of the ‘Aid for Trade’ project from 28 to 30 May 2018, under which the Czech Republic will contribute to the development of civil aviation in Mongolia and open the door for Czech companies to access to the Mongolian market with less flights and supply their technology. The expected commercial continuity of the Aid for Trade project includes the export of Czech modular airports, airport systems and small airplanes.


Mongolia operates on its area of ​​1566000 km2 with twenty regional airports and aerodromes. The lack of availability of many sites, the emphasis on the extraction of raw materials and the efforts to achieve a more even settlement of the country led the government to adopt a strategic program to support the development of general aviation. With its solid aviation industry built since the second decade of the twentieth century, the Czech Republic is therefore sending its experts in civil aviation and airplane production to Mongolia and offering professional training.

The project will be attended by representatives of the Sino-Czech Aviation Association, the Czech Amateur Aviation Association and the manufacturer of ultra-light aircraft Shark Aero. The recipient of the aid is the Ministry of Road and Transport Development and the Mongolian Civil Aviation Authority. The knowledge gained from Czech experts will be reflected in a large number of smaller air operators/airports and regional airlines and will contribute to the development of general aviation service in the health service, rescue operations, fighting with fire and agriculture sector.

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ulaanbaatar supports the interconnection of the project with the subsequent deliveries of technologies from Czech manufacturers, such as modular airports and airport systems from Transcon, or smaller and ultra-light aircraft from Shark Aero and LET Kunovice, as well as, others. According to the representative of Light Aircraft Association of the Czech Republic, the Czech Republic with population of 10 million has a total of 36 aircraft factories, which produce and export almost sixty types of aircraft of its own design. In our country we also have more than 100 airports and airfields. Our experience is therefore a good basis for delivering Czech technology to the emerging market for general aviation in Mongolia.

Prepared by: Iva Šustáková, Economic Diplomat, Embassy of the Czech Republic in Mongolia