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Seeking business partners

Are you looking for a new supplier? We can help you to find one in the Czech Republic. Let us know what products or services you are looking for and we will find the most suitable Czech companies for you. This service is rendered free of charge. Detailed information and forms are available in selected world languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian) on the following address:

This service is especially useful for:
(1) Buyers of consumer products, such as:

  • food and beverages;
  • glass, porcelain, ceramics and giftware;
  • outdoor gear, clothing and household textile products;
  • furniture and flooring;
  • medical equipment;
  • DIY equipment;
  • vehicles and car accessories.

(2) Managers responsible for sourcing materials and industrial products
and for manufacturing / packaging / handling / environmental technologies, mainly in the following areas of activity:

  • iron and steel products;
  • machine tools;
  • electrical and electronic equipment;
  • handling and storage;
  • printing;
  • chemicals;
  • environmental protection equipment.

(3) Purchasing managers involved in identifying suppliers of components/parts/assemblies in the following fields:

  • metalworking;
  • electromechanical industry;
  • plastics, including moulds;
  • furniture and furniture-making equipment.

(4) Business development managers engaged in software, telecommunications and biotechnology.

If you do not receive any response within two weeks, please contact the CzechTrade office in your country (see the list of our 30 offices below) or our supplier team -