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Photo: Zástupitelský úřad Ulánbátar
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Meeting with former Mongolian ambassadors to the Czech Republic

In connection with this 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Czech Republic and Mongolia, which we will commemorate on 25 April, Ambassador Jiří Brodský invited the former Ambassador of Mongolia, who had served in the Czech Republic for the past thirty years.

The meeting was attended by Ambassador Shijeekhuu Odonbaatar (in the Czech Republic in 2001-2006), Ambassador Ochir Enkhtur (in the Czech Republic 2006-2009) and Ambassador Dorjdamba Zumberellkham (in the Czech Republic 2013-2017).

Ambassador Brodský praised the work of all diplomats present for the development of Czech-Mongolian relations and mentioned a number of Czech and Mongolian diplomats, graduates, geologists and experts who contributed to the fact that relations between the two countries were always very friendly, based on mutually beneficial cooperation but also in education, science, geology, environmental protection, leather and footwear industry, infrastructure development etc.

Discussed were also the present Czech-Mongolian relations and perspectives of their further development, with an emphasis on the prepared business and investment projects. The Ambassador also briefly introduced the plan of cultural events to be organized by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Mongolia on the occasion of the 70th anniversary.