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Edition of the Czech-Mongolian conversation

On the occasion of this year's 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Czech Republic and Mongolia, one of the Mongolian graduates of the Technical University of Liberec, Ing. Erdenebaatar Dansran, who has edited a new publication "Czech-Mongolian Conversation Book", published by Admon Print in Ulaanbaatar.

The book, edited by Tumurbaatar Norov, Barsbaatar Dansran and Tsolmon Yagaan, contains 300 of the most commonly used nouns, 300 adjectives and 200 adverbs, and over 3,000 most commonly used phrases. In addition to the dictionary, it contains 21 clear chapters on various life situations and topics, from occupation, school, family, housing, through health, weather, travel to shopping and business correspondence.

The Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Mongolia, Jiří Brodský, met with the authors of the book: “I am happy to say that graduates of Czech universities are also our ambassadors to Mongolia, and I appreciate the initiatives and activities of Ing. Erdenebatar and his team and all their work on this book. The Czech Republic currently has the largest Mongolian community in Europe, and I believe that all Mongolian citizens in the Czech Republic will appreciate the book and it will be useful to them. Because it is sorted by Czech phrases, it is also intended for Czech tourists and anyone who likes to learn the basics of both languages. "

The book can be ordered here.


Cover of a new Czech-Mongolian conversation

Cover of a new Czech-Mongolian conversation