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Exhibition dedicated to 200th anniversary of Gregor Johann Mendel displayed

On September 13, 2022, a forestry seminar on the principles of sustainable forest management and the importance of the forest for the environment in Mongolia was held in Ulaanbaatar. Among those present were representatives of diplomatic missions, international and non-profit organizations, universities, ministries and local businesspeople. The aim of the seminar was to raise the awareness of the Mongolian public about the importance of the forest for the environment. The Czech Republic has a tradition of sustainable forest care, which it passes on in this way.

The Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Mongolia, Mr. Jan Vytopil said in his opening remarks: "The Czech Republic has a rich history in Mongolia. At the same time, we are the only Central European country that has not left Mongolia since the establishment of the embassy, ​​even in the turbulent period of the 1990s".

Jan Šebesta from Mendel University explained to the audience the importance of the forest and its function in nature, which has a direct effect on the availability and quality of water, prevents soil erosion, permafrost degradation and has a number of other benefits for the environment.

The ongoing project is based on the global sustainable development goals: Drinking water and sanitation (SDG 6), responsible production and consumption (SDG 12), climate measures (SDG 13) and life on land (SDG 15), and has an indirect positive impact on other SDGs.

Lesnický seminář a výstava o Mendelovi

Lesnický seminář a výstava o Mendelovi

All participating parties highly appreciated the organization of the seminar by the Embassy. The seminar did not escape the attention of the local media either, as evidenced by newspaper articles. The project continued the long-term activities of bilateral development cooperation of the Czech Republic, which in the past implemented a number of projects in Mongolia with a focus on environmental protection.

Similar events increase the Mongolian public's awareness of the topic of environmental protection and together with other tools such as development projects (Aid for Trade, Small Local Projects and Local Transition Projects (LTP)) can contribute to the further strengthening of local activities in line with the use of Czech know-how with the goals of the 2030 Agenda.

Výstava zaměřená na život zakladatele genetiky vytvořenou podle komiksu Lucie Seiferové

Výstava zaměřená na život zakladatele genetiky vytvořenou podle komiksu Lucie Seiferové

After the seminar, the guests had an opportunity to enjoy the exhibition in the adjacent hall, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birth of J. G. Mendel, which was opened by the vice-rector of the Mendel University, Professor Jiří Skládanka. The exhibition focusing on the life of the founding father of genetics, based on the comic book by Lucia Seifer: Gregor Johann Mendel and the trouble-ridden story of genes, will be open to the public at the Center for Freshwater Resources and Nature Conservation in Ulaanbaatar until the end of September 2022.