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Consular Protection of EU Citizens

If you find yourself in a difficult situation in Mongolia and your EU country does not have residential mission here, you can always seek help at the Embassy of the Czech Republic to Mongolia.

"Every citizen of the Union shall, in the territory of a third country in which the Member State of which he is a national is not represented, be entitled to protection by the diplomatic or consular authorities of any Member State, on the same conditions as the nationals of that State."
This protection derives from the Treaties and is governed by a Decision of the Governments of the Member States of the European Union adopted on 19 December 1995.

As a citizen of the European Union, you can expect the Czech Embassy to:

  • issue a travel document;
  • contact your relatives and national authorities, if you so wish;
  • visit you if possible and help you get the information you need to obtain legal advice and appropriate medical assistance;
  • ask your national authorities to take the necessary steps for your evacuation or repatriation.

Remember that fees - in particular consular fees - may have to be paid for some services provided by the Czech Embassy.

Furthermore, some services cannot be provided, such as:

  • payment of your bills (e.g. lawyer, hospital, hotel, restaurant, etc.);
  • payment for or booking of travel tickets;
  • tourist information;
  • legal assistance and intervention in judicial proceedings.