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Photo: Czech Mission
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Ambassador Chatardová on inclusive education on the International Day of Education

On 24 January 2020, the President of General Assembly organized High-level Interactive Dialogue on the occasion of second International Day of Education. In a national statement, Ambassador Marie Chatardová highlighted the emphasis that the Czech Republic puts on sustainable development agenda in education, on monitoring of the main priorities of the SDG4 and Education for All 2030 Goals and access to quality education.

Early education, which is in the Czech Republic compulsory at the age of 5 and is free of charge, provides fair starting conditions for pupils. The Czech Republic also focuses on ensuring that the access to education will be guaranteed fairly, regardless of ethnicity, origin and socio-economic or health disadvantage. Another area important for the Czech Republic within the inclusive education is the support of socially disadvantaged Roma pupils. System of support measures for pupils with special educational needs and talented pupils has been introduced and emphasis is put on the work of social pedagogues, school assistants and psychologists.

Statement was also presented on behalf of Group of Friends on Education and Lifelong Learning. The Czech Republic, together with Argentina, Japan, Kenya and Norway launched the Group of Friends on 24 January 2019 on the occasion of the first-ever International Day of Education.