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Photo: MZV
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The Czech Republic is commemorating the 85th anniversary of Václav Havel’s birth

Václav Havel would celebrate his 85th birthday this year in October and it will have been 10 years in December since his passing. He was a famous writer, important dissident imprisoned for many years during his defense of human rights, president of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic, who was paramount to the international standing, prestige, and authority of the country in the world.

He also considered himself to be a citizen of Earth and he was a statesman who strived for a better understanding amongst different cultures and religions and dignity for all people around the world. His legacy for the next generations is in the conviction that sacrifices are worth the freedom, the power of the powerless, and faith in the ideals of truth and love. First and foremost, Václav Havel was a person, who remained faithful to the principles of decency and empathy with others and a rare gift of self-irony. All this contributed to him being beloved and respected by many important representatives of religious, political, and cultural life across continents. The series of photographs from his long-time colleague Ivo Šilhavy is the best testament to this.


Ivo Šilhavy described his work as: “A collection of photographs from the years 1996-2006 named “Just a Perfect Day…” is giving praise to Vaclav Havel not only as a former president but also as an artist and a person who was able to spread hope and inspire several generations of people. In 2021 on the occasion of his 85th birthday and 10 years since his passing, the collection is a reminder of his legacy and giving thanks to the fact that the unbelievable became commonplace for a little while.