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How to register for a visa and FAQs

Who is entitled to apply for a long-term visa / long-term residence permit at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Warsaw?

Only holders of residence permit issued by Poland, Baltic or Scandinavian countries (with residence permit card valid for more than 1 year) are allowed to submit the application for a visa/residence permit at our Embassy in Warsaw. The application might be submitted by the applicants from visa-free countries also. A long-term national visa type D does not entitle the applicants to apply to the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Warsaw - the applicants are obliged to apply in their home country.

When is registration for applying for long-term visas and long-term residence permits at the Embassy of the Czech Republic?

The appointments are gathered for the following month (i.e. month in advance) always on the last working Friday (as from 07:00:0 a.m. CET):

In year 2023: 27.1.2023, 24.2.2023, 31.3.2023.

How can I register?

The registration is only possible electronically via e-mail: visa_warsaw@mzv.cz, in accordance with the registration rules (see below).

What are the registration rules for registering to apply for a long-term visa / long-term residence permit?

Only e-mails in Czech or English are accepted. E-mails in Polish or other language will remain unanswered.

Registration e-mail must contain following information:

E-MAIL SUBJECT: unconditionally contain just the unique number of the applicant´s travel passport

E-MAIL TEXT: it must contain following information:

  • applicant´s name and surname (in latin letters, as it is in the applicant´s travel passport)
  • applicant´s date of birth
  • applicant´s passport number
  • long term visa´s/residence permit´s purpose of stay
  • applicant´s contact details (telephone and e-mail)

E-MAIL ANNEXES: applicant must annexed to the registration email files in pdf formate (cloud storage links are not accepted):

  • scan of passport´s data page with photography and personal data
  • scan of applicant´s residence permit (does not concern the visa free regime applicants)
  • scan of document proving the planned purpose of stay in the Czech Republic

The sample of the registration e-mail:

Registrační e-mail

Registrační e-mail

Why was my registration email discarded?

The e-mail did not meet one of the following conditions:

- the applicant does not meet the registration conditions - see the text above Who is entitled to apply for a long-term visa / long-term residence permit at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Warsaw?;

- the unique number of the applicant's travel passport was not mentioned in the subject of the e-mail;

- the subject of the e-mail contained information other (or another) than the applicant's foreign passport number itself;

- the applicant did not provide all the required information in the e-mail;

- the applicant has not attached all the required attachments;

- the applicant saved the attachments to the cloud storage and provided only links;

- the data in the e-mail text differs from the data in the attachments;

- the applicant sent his application to an e-mail address that is not dedicated for the registration;

- the e-mail contain information on more than one applicant (only exception – long-term visa / long-term stay for the purpose of family reunification);

- the e-mail was delivered to the e-mail box before the beggining of the registration procedure  (before the specified day and time);

- the applicant has sent several e-mails (each applicant can only send one e-mail; if one applicant sends more e-mails in a given period, he will be automatically excluded from this registration period, even if the e-mails are sent from different e-mail addresses; an opt-out notice will be sent only to the first detected duplicate e-mail of the applicant).

When do I get an appointment term and how are terms allocated?

You will receive an answer from 1 to 3 working days.

Applicants who send an registration e-mail that meets all of the above criteria and the capacity is not exhausted will be notified of the appointment date and time by e-mail. Dates are assigned chronologically for the following month (from the 2nd week of the month) as per the incoming order to the visa_warsaw@mzv.cz e-mail box. The consulate does not interfere in the order of delivered e-mails. It is not possible to change the dedicated appointment term and related requests are not answered. If the applicant does not appear on the dedicated date, the new complete registration procedure described above must be proceed.

The rule one e-mail = one applicant applies, multiple registration requests in one e-mail are not accepted also (exception – long-term visa / long-term stay for the purpose of family reunification).

Where should I write if I need to cancel an appointment, need visa information, etc.?

Only e-mail consulate_warsaw@mzv.cz is used for communication regarding visa and consular information.