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Import/transit of firearms to the Czech Republic

General requirement for temporary import

In general, § 46 of the Czech Firearms Act (Act No. 119/2002 Col.) determines that every traveller wishing to temporarily import firearm of category A, B or C and ammunition for this firearm into the Czech Republic, must be holder a permit for transit of firearms or ammunition – Gun Waybill (Czech called „Zbrojní průvodní list pro tranzit zbraní a střeliva“). As regards legal description of these categories of firearms, please see Sections 4 – 7 of the Act). Applicant has to fill the application form, pay the fee 800,- CZK by cash in office, by stamps or by bank tansfer (see bellow), submit an officially verified invitation issued by the authorised user for hunting ground or by the organiser of shooting competition (in other cases to point out the reason for tranzit firearms to Czech republic), proof identity and submit some document with relation to the firearms. Applicant can submit the application by Czech Embassy in his country, by Czech Police Prezidium, in case hunters or sportshooters by Police Unit on Czech international airports after arriving.

Firearms of category D (legal description of this category – please see Section 7 of the Act), essential parts of these firearms and ammunition for these firearms can be temporarily imported by every legally capable natural person over 18 years without any permit.


The permit referred to above is not in principle necessary for foreign hunter or sporting shooter in case to travel with hunting firearms of category C or sporting shooter  with firearm of categhory B or C and appropriate quantity of ammunition for these firearms on condition that and these hunter or sporting shooter is holder of a valid European Firearms Pass and temporarily imported firearm is listed on his European Firearms Pass and he can present the reason for the journey (in particular, he possess an officially verified invitation issued by the authorised user for hunting ground or by the organiser of shooting competition, invitation to be an instructor, certificate about future reparation firearm etc.).

Another possibility is apply for Police presidium of Czech republic (addres above), about grant of authorization to the European Firearms Pass for arms listed in this European Firearms pass. Application is by free form, it´s necessary to set good reasons (e.g. hunting on concrete hunting range, sport shooting in concrete shooting discipline in Czech rep., istructor´s operation etc.) and submit extract from criminal record an extract from minor ofences record, ID card and European Firearms Pass. Permission is possible issue for a term of as far as 1 year and is possibility to prolongation to the next 1 year in the term of validity European Firearms Pass. Advise: for grant of authorization  isn't a claim. In case obtaining the grant of authorization to the European Firearms pass, the keeper is due to carry with firearm only his European Firearms Pass.

On the territory Czech republic firearms mustn´t be carrying visible  (it means that firearm have to be in some cover or uder wear, …) and must be transported unloaded with European Firearms Pass and oficially confirmed invitation. During the whole period of stay in the Czech Republic, every foreign shooter - holder of Gun Waybill or European Firearms Pass must always carry this document whenever he has firearms or ammunition with him and must be able to show this document and officially verified letter of invitation whenever he is checked by Police of the Czech republic.

Every foreign shooter - holder of Gun Waybill or European Firearms Pass who temporarily imports firearms or ammunition to this firearms shall respect the general requirement for safe storage and transportation in terms of the Czech Firearms act. Firearms or ammunition to this firearms must be under his direct supervision. In general, every foreign shooter - holder of Permit or European Firearms Pass has rights and obligations similar to those of the holder of a Czech Firearms licence (so called „Zbrojní průkaz“) in terms of sections 28 and 29 of the Czech Firearms Act.

If a foreign shooter - holder of European Firearms Pass intends to travel by airplane: on arrival at the international airport in the Czech Republic and on final departure from the Czech Republic, it is necessary to contact the Police Office at the airport and submit a European Firearms Pass to competent police officer. On this occasion, all transported firearms of category A, B or C and ammunition shall be checked by this Police officer. Please note that airlines have their own rules on transportation of firearms and ammunition on airplanes. For this reason, it is always wise to check with the airline all conditions. It is highly recommended to obtain from the airline a written information indicating that the airline has no objection to planned transportation of firearm or ammuniton. 


Foreign hunters must comply, not only with the Czech Firearms act, but also with all regulations pertaining to the Czech hunting legislation. If you intend to hunt in the Czech Republic, you must have a Czech hunting licence for foreigners and insurance for hunting. This permit is issued by the competent Czech hunting authority (by the competent municipal office – environmental section). It can be managed by invitator. It is necessary to respect allowed hunting methods and use allowed hunting firearms, ammunition in terms of the Czech Hunting Act No. 449/2001. If you have any questions relating to the Czech hunting licence or allowed hunting methods, you should contact the competent Czech hunting authority in the area where you intend to hunt or the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic (a central authority administrating hunting).


In case permanent import firearms to the Czech republic is only posssibility to be holder of Czech Firearms licence. It means to pass Czech competency test and after succesfully pass the test to apply for a issuing Czech Firearms licence.


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If you have any further questions relating to the provisions of the Czech Firearms act, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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