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Long term residence permit

Obligatory submission of document against introduction of infectious disease upon application submission

Applicants for Schengen visas and long-term visas and residence permits for purposes of economic and education activities are obliged to submit, upon lodging the application document on fulfilling requirements against introduction of infectious… more ►

Long term residence permit with a purpose of study

Residence permit with a purpose of employment "Employee Card"

An employee card is a new type of permit for long-time residence in the territory of the Czech Republic (CR) where the purpose of the foreign national’ stay (longer than 3 months) is employment. more ►

Long term residence permit with a purpose of family reunification

Long term residence permit for the purpose of EU Member-State Intra-Company Employee Transfer Card

For the purpose of Intra-Company Employee Transfer Card

EU Blue Card

Blue Cards are intended for foreigners who will work in the Czech Republic for a period longer than three months at a position requiring high qualification. more ►

Long term residence permit with a purpose of scientific research

Long term residence permit with the purpose of "investment"

Transfer of Visa into New Passport

Changing the purpose of long-term residence