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Territorial competency for long term visa of residence permit application

Long-term visa applications are submitted to the diplomatic missions of the Czech Republic according to the consular territorial competence. The diplomatic mission forwards the application to the Ministry of the Interior for an evaluation and decision. If the application is evaluated positively, the long-stay visa, with the maximum duration one year, is issued by the diplomatic mission where the application was filed.

Long-term visa application is filed when the expected stay will exceed 90 days. It is issued for a variety of purposes – health, culture, sport, visit (invitation), family, study, research or entrepreneurship.

If the purpose of stay continues, it is possible to apply on the territory of the Czech Republic at the Ministry of the Interior for an extension, i.e. for a long-term residence permit, which is issued for the purpose of employment, study, scientific research, unification of family or to residents of another EU Member State.