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As from June 21, 2021, the USA is considered as a country with a low risk of COVID-19 transmission (green country).


US citizens may enter the Czech Republic for any reason (return to home, travel to work or for study, family visit, attendance at funeral, attendance at wedding, tourism, etc.).

However, US citizens traveling from the US or another green country to Czechia are obliged:


  • to undergo an antigen test 48 hours or less or a RT-PCR test 72 hours or less prior to arrival to the Czech Republic


  • to undergo an antigen or RT-PCR test within 5 days from the entry to the Czech Republic


Information of the Czech Ministry of Interior


The Embassy recommends undergoing a test before departure from the US to avoid any misunderstanding at check-in at the airport.

Even holders of CDC vaccination cards have to comply with these new rules.

There is no obligation of self-isolation after the arrival to Czechia from the US.

The same set of rules applies to third country citizens with permanent residence or long-term residence (at least one year) in the United States.

US passport holders are not required to obtain visas to enter the Czech Republic for a short-term non-profit stay (up to 90 days in any 180-day period within the Schengen area).

List of countries according to the level of risk


There is no direct flight between the US and the Czech Republic. Please check first with transit countries whether you will be allowed to travel to the Czech Republic and back to the USA.

Please check also in advance with your airlines and transit countries for their sanitary regulations (testing for COVID-19, vaccination, face covering, etc.)!


If you stay longer than 12 hours in the last 14 days prior to the arrival to Czechia in a country that is not considered by the Czech Ministry of Health as a green country, there are specific additional obligations prescribed by the Protective measure of the Ministry (testing, self-isolation).

For more information, please visit the website of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic and pay special attention to Chapter 2. Entry into the territory of the Czech Republic.

There is a link to the table prepared by the Ministry of Interior called "Rules for entry and return to the Czech Republic under the Ministry of Health Protective Measure - 3rd country citizens non-residing in the Czech Republic or EU+".

For the above-mentioned reasons, consider carefully your travel plans!

As the situation develops, please consult the content of the article regularly.

List of countries according to the level of risk

Czech Government COVID PORTAL

COVID-19 testing centers in the Czech Republic (in Czech only)

German Embassy in Washington DC

LUFTHANSA flight information

CDC Information


The Embassy has resumed routine visa services. For the visa requirements, please consult the chapter Visa & Consular on our website.  


Temporary reintroduction of border control at internal borders of the Czech Republic