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Classic Film: The End of Agent W4C

Date: 19 July 2016 7:00 PM, Venue: Czech Embassy

Bistro Bohem will screen director Václav Vorlíček’s film "The End of Agent W4C" (Konec agenta W4C) on July 19, 2016, at 7 pm, as part of the ongoing film and beer series. The James Bond parody features Jan Kačer in the leading role and the beautiful Květa Fialová playing the femme fatale.

The End of Agent W4C | Konec agenta W4C
Directed by: Václav Vorlíček, 1967, 87 min., Czech with English subtitles               

In the film, Cyril Juan Borguette alias Agent W4C (Jan Kačer) takes on a complicated and dangerous mission which sends him to Prague where he needs to steal a hotel saltbox with military plans. Equipped with the latest gadgets like an alarm clock that consists of a knife, gun, gas, microphone and atom-bomb and weapons inside of musical instruments, Cyril manipulates the international spy network. His hardest task proves to be dealing with the ordinary Czech accountant Foustka (Jiří Slovak) and his little dog, who successfully spoil plans.

The film was released in 1967, during the Iron Curtain in the former Czechoslovakia. At that time, there were only three Bond films out.  The director himself saw just two of them. The fun-loving director said to himself that it would make a good, crazy comedy to make Bond the “Czech way.” The film was a huge success in Czechoslovak cinemas in 1967, despite the lack of familiarity with the original James Bond films. The film cost 3.5 million Czech crowns and made twice its budget within a year, even more abroad.

About the Director:    
Born in 1930, Václav Vorlíček studied filmmaking at the Film Academy in Prague and has been directing feature films since the early 1960s. His most notable comedies were made in collaboration with his friend, screenwriter Miloš Macourek, who shared his sense of humor, love of parody and adventure. Their cooperation was fruitful, with such films as Who Wants to Kill Jessie? (1966), You are a Widow, Sir (1970), The Girl on the  Broomstick (1971), How to Drown Dr. Mráček, the Lawyer (1974), What Would You Say to Some Spinach? (1977).

About the series:
This marks the fifth year of the film and beer series at Bistro Bohem. This year, the series focuses on Czech comedies from the 1930s-70s, with such prominent directors as Martin Frič and Václav Vorlíček. All films will screen in Czech with English subtitles. Each screening includes one free beer as well as an introduction by a representative from the Czech Embassy. All screenings are subject to change.

Event Details:
Date: July 19, 7 pm

Location: Bistro Bohem
600 Florida Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008

RSVP required: 202/735-5895 or bistrobohem@gmail.com | Admission is free!
Guests must arrive by 6:45 pm to keep their reservation.

Website: www.BistroBohem.com

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