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Photo: Pavlína Šulcová
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Online Talk: Explore the JCC Prague w/director Pavlína Šulcová

Date: 21 October 2021 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM, Venue: Online

Classrooms Without Borders, in collaboration with the Embassy of the Czech Republic, invites you to join us online for a talk with Pavlína Šulcová, director of the JCC Prague on October 21, 2021, at 4:30 pm EDT. Learn how Pavlina is connecting the Jewish community through new avenues.

Pavlína was appointed for the job to open a modern Jewish community center nestled in Prague. Then the pandemic hit, and she decided that rather than put her plans on hold, she would open the first virtual Jewish Community Center (JCC). The virtual Prague JCC features a popular podcast on Judaism in Czech called J-Cast, comics Haggadah and fun desk game (not only) for kids, animated videos about Jewish holidays, video recipes for making delicious Jewish cuisine at home, and looks for new ways to reach the Jewish community and beyond. She also hopes to be able to meet in person as well, creating a lively community center of Jewish life without borders. Her plans includes an in-person Jewish cultural center and cafe. Delve into the JCC Prague and see the exciting ways Pavlína is bringing Jewish culture and traditions to the 21st century.

Event Details:

Date/Time: October 21, 2021 at 4:30 pm | ONLINE

Registration Link: https://classroomswithoutborders.org/jcc_prague/

Pavlína Šulcová is the director of JCC Prague. In April 2018, she returned to Prague, and, as the executive director of PQ 2019, she was responsible for the implementation of the 14th Prague Quadrennial of Performance and Space Design (PQ 2019). Between 2013–2018, she served as deputy director of the Czech Center Tel Aviv. From 2008 to 2015, she worked at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tel Aviv as the deputy commercial counselor. 

She initiated/produced several independent Czech-Israeli art projects, such as residential projects of Israeli artists (Dede, Nitzan Mintz, Geffen Refaeli, Klone, Flora) in Petrohradská kolektiv (2016-2017), two large-scale paintings by artists Dede and Nitzan Mintz at the building of the Argo Publishing House and the Ponec Theater and the exhibition of Israeli photographer Felix Lupa (2014). She also curated the group exhibition Israeli Street Moments (2018) at the Leica Gallery in Prague. She was involved in the production of the Post Bellum project in Israel (2015, 2016, 2017), Czech TV series The Graceful Legacy - Israel (2012) and the cultural events Days of Prague in Jerusalem (2012) and the Prague Tel Aviv Urban Party (2011).

In regards to her studies, she graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague, majoring in political science and humanities. She wrote a bachelor's thesis on the Israeli electoral reform of 1992, and diploma thesis on the complexity of Israeli society. During her studies, she received a scholarship and spent one year at the University of Haifa. In 2008, she made an Aliya and lived in Tel Aviv for ten years. She pursued her studies in Photography and Graphic Design in Israel. She created the documentary series The Wingmen: A story of Czechoslovak pilots and air-force technicians in the service of Israel (2015). Her author's projects include TLV24, Tell Me What You Eat, Israel Geometric, Tel Aviv Street Life, Be Our Guest, and the blog FromTelAviv.com.



JCC Prague aims to be a central hub for exploring and interpreting the richness, variety and implications of adopting or developing a contemporary Jewish Identity through the mediums of culture, learning and the arts. JCC offers freely accessible, open to all, culturally inspiring place. It will be a place for learning, creativity and innovation. It will be a center of the Jewish life in Prague. JCC Prague aspires to be a favorite spot for Praguers as well as visitors of Prague. It will become an established part of the Jewish community, yet it will remain an open place for all.

CZECH EMBASSY SERIES: Through this series, the Embassy of the Czech Republic brings a broad selection of Czech artists, intellectuals and professionals connected to Jewish life, history, art and culture to engage, educate and inspire audiences in the United States and beyond. The series incorporates book talks, film screenings, lectures, musical performances, exhibitions, and more.

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