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Photo: EU Delegation
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Outside with the EU: Fungi Fanatics

Date: 09 May 2021 - 31 May 2021, Venue: Online

Did you know? Czechs love mushrooming. Through the end of May, get outside and try out activities enjoyed by Europeans, featured in podcasts at www.outsidewitheu.org. Consisting of interviews with ambassadors, sports players, and business owners, these episodes cover activities that range from hiking to patio drinking.

As part of the series, Ambassador Hynek Kmoníček will present the talk Fungi Fanatics, mushrooming in the Czech Republic! Every year, during the mushroom season, Czech forests swarm with thousands of amateur mycologists on the hunt for fungi. Czech Ambassador Hynek Kmoníček takes listeners inside the heart of this national pastime, sharing his adventures foraging for eukaryotic organisms all around the world and incorporating these delicacies into dishes.

The complete podcast series includes:

National Games/Sport
On this episode, we will travel from Cyprus to Ireland, stopping at many nations in between to discuss the national sports and games that represent the cultures of various European countries. From classic sports like soccer and basketball, to newer ones like teqball and Greek board games, you will hear college athletes reminisce about their glory days, national reps promote their sport, and club presidents discuss why you should try your skills at a game you have probably never played before!

  • Soccer (Croatia)
  • Cypriot Spring Games (Cyprus)
  • Petanque (France)
  • Tavli (Greece)
  • Teqball (Hungary)
  • Gaelic Sports (Ireland)
  • Basketball (Lithuania)
  • Beach Volleyball (Portugal)

On the Trail

Simply being outside is indicative of European culture—and there are numerous activities that can be found “on the trail” that are popular throughout the EU. On this episode, we explore three of them, starting with the culinary excursion of mushrooming, wandering through the classic enjoyment of hiking, and hopping on a ride via cycling, speaking with ambassadors and counsellors from Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, and more!

  • Mushrooming (Czech Republic)
  • Mushrooming (Estonia)
  • Scavenging (Latvia)
  • Hiking (Poland)
  • Hiking (Slovakia)
  • Cycling (Netherlands)
  • Cycling (Belgium) – to be completed
  • Giro D’Italia (Italy)

Unique Traditions and Celebrations

Unique traditions and celebrations abound across the EU, and many of them take place outdoors during the warmer months of spring and summer. On this episode, we speak with ambassadors, counsellors, and officers of EU countries about the various traditions found only in particular European nations. What country has mud-walking protected by UNESCO? Do you light fires to keep away the witches of May? What is your outdoor patio drinking game? Listen to learn!


  • Sauna Culture (Finland)
  • Wattwandern (Germany)
  • Meekranz (Luxembourg)
  • Festas (Malta)
  • Beekeeping (Slovenia)
  • Terrazas (Spain)
  • Walpurgis Eve (Sweden)

Skiing on Copen Hill (Denmark)