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Photo: Josef Szántó
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Stories from the Middle East with Journalist Jakub Szántó

Date: 23 February 2022 3:00 PM, Venue: Online

The Embassy of the Czech Republic, in collaboration with Classrooms without Borders, invites you to the online talk Stories from the Middle East with Czech journalist Jakub Szántó, who spent years covering the region. He later published the book Behind the Curtain of War, which describes his eyewitness accounts from the front lines. In his talk, he will take viewers “behind the scenes” of wartime reporting. 

Jakub Szántó is a Czech journalist, television reporter, author and holder of several journalistic awards. From 1999, he worked as reporter in the foreign newsroom of TV Nova, and eventually as its chief international correspondent. Since 2006, he has worked for the Public TV Broadcaster, the Czech Television, where he has held such positions as deputy head of the Foreign Editorial Board and editor. From 2013-2018, he was the Czech Republic's permanent foreign correspondent for the Middle East and lived with his family in Tel Aviv. He has focused his career on the Middle East and Africa, covering much of the international crises since 2000, including the Second Palestinian Intifada, Hamas-Israel conflicts, the US-led occupation of Iraq, the Arab Spring, Libyan and Syrian Civil wars, as well as the War against the Islamic State. He also covered the conflict in Chechnya, the Georgian-Russian war (2008), piracy in Somalia, the revolutions in Ukraine (2004 and 2014), the military coup attempt in Turkey (2016) and the civil war in Yemen.          

He is the laureate of the 2014 Journalist Award for the news coverage of the Maidan Revolution in Ukraine, and the most prestigious journalist prize in Czech Republic, the Peroutka Award in 2017. Furthermore, he received the Magnesia Litera Award, the most prized in Czech literature, in 2019 for his literary debut Behind the Curtain of War (Za oponou války, 2018). The book describes a quarter of a decade of his eye-witness experiences from wars, coups, and revolutions. His most recent work, From Israstin with Love: A Reporter between Two Countries (Z Izrastiny s láskou, 2020), describes historical roots and as well as present of the Israeli-Palestinian struggle.               

Szántó graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Charles University and modern history at the Central European University in Budapest. He completed his studies with a doctorate in modern history from Charles University.      


Date/Time: February 23, 2022, 3:00pm-4:30pmET

RSVP: https://classroomswithoutborders.org/stories-middle-east-journalist-jakub-szanto/

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Photo credit: Petr Hladík

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