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Financial Gifts

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports select activities of Czech associations and compatriots living in the United States by provision of Financial Gifts. 

We are pleased to support dozens of projects of Czech compatriot organizations in the USA every year. We thank all Czech heritage associations, Sokols and Czech schools for their efforts to enhance Czech language and culture in the United States. 

The deadline for the application for the financial gift from the Czech Republic for the given year is July 31.

The application form is online in both the Czech and English languages. The printed and signed application must be sent to the Embassy of the Czech Republic. There is a simple guideline regarding how to apply for a financial gift:

Application Guidelines:

Step 1: Fill out the application for financial gift online at:


Step 2: Print the application.

Step 3: Sign and stamp the application.

Step 4: Save the application online.

Step 5: Send the printed and signed application to the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Washington, DC:

            Embassy of the Czech Republic
            Attn: Jan Woska
           3900 Spring of Freedom Street, NW
           Washington, DC 20008

If you are applying for the first time, a copy of your organization's registration in the US and articles of incorporation have to be enclosed as well. 

Your organization will be notified in the spring of the following year about the status of your application.  The financial gifts are usually transferred to the organization's bank accounts by May. 

Terms and conditions of the financial gift statement:

1. After the end of the year, the recipient of the financial gift shall make a statement of the financial gift, which will be forwarded no later than January 15, 2021, to the Embassy in Washington, DC, to Jan Woska (Jan_Woska@mzv.cz).

2. The recipient shall indicate the following in the statement:

  • the total budget of the project
  • amount of the financial gift 
  • total actual expenditure for the project (including own resources) broken down into individual appropriations                                      
  • the amount of the financial gift actually consumed and provide an itemized list (with receipts)

3. The recipient is obliged to submit a report on the implementation of the project at the same time as its financial gift statement, including any related documentation (promotional materials, press testimonials, etc.).

4. The Embassy is entitled to verify the proper use of the financial gift. The recipient shall, at the request of the Embassy, allow the Embassy to carry out an inspection and verification of the correctness of the use of the financial gift in the accounting records.

5.  Failure to provide a timely and complete financial gift statement may result in not granting the financial gift in the next year.