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Czech Language Classes in the U.S.

Please click here if you would like to add your information to the list below or offer us feedback. If you scroll further down, you will see links, opportunities for instruction outside the DC area, and also an exchange program for high school students.

The Embassy lists the information below as a courtesy. It is not responsible for any charges, lessons, and/or quality of teachers.


District of Columbia


Berlitz Language Center
1050 Connecticut Ave Nw
Washington, Washington Dc 20036
For more information on this organization, please visit:

Graduate School, USA
For information on classes, times and cost, go to: www.graduateschool.edu.
Czech Language Classes Offered:

Introductory to Czech I (CZEC7110E),  begins April 12, 2016 (Runs for 10 weeks)
Tuesdays from 6-9 pm
Basic Czech grammar and explore Czech culture.
For more information, please visit http://www.graduateschool.edu/courses/CZEC7110E001?location=.

Classes at the Graduate School, USA are taught by Irena Kunovska.

LLE - Language Services
A private language services provider which has been involved in instruction, assessment, translation and interpretation since 1979.
1627 K Street NW, Suite 610
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: 202/775-0444 x229
Fax: 202/785-5584
Website: www.lle-inc.com
Email: bhindle@lle-inc.com

International Center For Language Studies
Usually offers Czech and Slovak language lessons depending on the number interested!
Phone: 202/639-8800
Address: 727 15th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005-2168
Website: http://www.ilcs.com
Email: foreignlanguage@icls.com


Janos, Robin
A Czech native, born in Prague 25 years ago. The last five years of his life he has spent in the states persuing his education degree. He does not have a lot of expereince teaching, but has helped out several adults to pick up the basics of the language. He prefers to teach adults who might be perhaps considering visiting Czech Republic and would like to become familiar with the language and culture. Due to his schedule, he would prefer to meet in the evenings in some quiet lounge preferably in the Adams Morgan Area.

Kunovská, Irena
Irena Kunovská, lives in DC. She has a master's degree in German and Swedish Literature and Language from Charles University and a BA in Czech Literature and Language from Stockholm University. Lengthy teaching experience in all three languages from Stockholm, Sweden. She has taught Czech at Graduate School USDA in DC. She offers private tutoring and group classes in Czech at all levels.

Muranova, Michaela
She is very interested in teaching the Czech language. Although she is Slovak, she is fluent in Czech- studied at the Czech university in Brno (Masaryk University) for 5 years (and received Master's degree there majoring in economic policy.)


McCormish, Renata
renata_m67@yahoo.com, mobile (412) 216-7752, home (412) 749-1045



(Baltimore, MD)
Czech and Slovak Language School
sponsored by the Czech and Slovak Heritage Association (CSHA)
For information about classes, times and cost, go to: www.czslha.org.
Fall semester begins Saturday, September 11, 2010.
Registration: by mail or 8:30 and 11 a.m., September 11, Meet on eleven Saturdays at R.W. Gribbin Center, 9317 Belair Road, Baltimore, MD 21236 (Perry Hall area). For a detailed registration form, please contact LHybl@verizon.net.


(College Park, MD)
Jelokova, Zuzana
Interested in teaching both Czech and Slovak. She has worked as a teaching assistant and taught several political science classes in the US. In the Czech Republic, she has tutored and translated from/to English. She has no preference regarding the age level to teach.

(New Market, MD)
Pechacek, Libuse M.
She is a native Czech interested in teaching Czech to any age group - Conversational Czech with the emphasis on telecommunication industry or standard Czech for beginners to intermediate levels. She also translates documents and letters. She has translated and interpreted for products sold to Czech republic by her firm. She worked in Prague for four years (1995-1999) on behalf of my company in the position of executive project coordinator and Czech - English lesson. Available in the evenings or on Saturdays.

(Rockville, MD)
Matus, Terezia M.
She graduated from Pedagogical University, Nitra, Slovakia in 1976 with Bachelor of Slovak Language and Fine Arts degree. She states, "I can teach Slovak language at any level and although, I am fluent in Czech and Polish, I would prefer teaching those on introductory and intermediate levels to start."



(Arlington, VA)
Ellis, Nora
Norah Ellis learned Czech through an intensive language course, followed by a couple years of living in the Czech Republic, working as a missionary, and being immersed in the language. She states, "I am quite fluent in Czech, and I am a trained language teacher. I have taught English as a Second Language in various contexts to both younger students and adults. In May, I will be finishing a Masters degree at Georgetown University in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages." She offers beginner level Czech lessons.

(Arlington, VA)
Sciortino, Denisa
She has an MA in Czech and English Language and Literature, as well as a teaching certificate, from Palacký University in Olomouc, Czech Republic.  After graduation, she worked as a language instructor in Prague for several language schools and as an Assistant Professor of Czech and English at the renowned University of Chemical Technology. She has been teaching Czech for Foreigners since 2011 and has authored and co-authored the Czech language textbooks Czech in 55 Easy Dialogues and Flip your Teaching, respectively. She likes dynamic and communicative classes; she uses a lot of dialogues and role-playing exercises, to make sure that her students feel confident in everyday situations. In addition to her passion for teaching Czech, she works as a translator.

(Vienna, VA)
Sablik, Dana
Used to teach Czech at the State Department and she lives near Vienna, VA. She has taught Czech for diplomats and has extensive experience in teaching the Czech language.
Experience teaching adults.




(Phoenix, AZ)
Wyble, Nadia
She received her education in Prague, in 1973 and graduated from a Business College as Commercial Engineer (Ing.) Most of her private and semi-private students find her through the Czech and Slovak Genealogical Society of Arizona or through a Foreign Language Translation office, usually for court trials with Czech speaking personnel.

(Tucson, AZ)
Lebl, Martin
martin teaches Czech in the Department of Critical Languages at the University of Arizona. He is a native of the Czech Republic. He holds a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing.



(Yarmouth, MA)
Alena Manaskova
She is a native Czech interested in teach Czech to any group. She received a MA degree at Silesian University in Opava. She is a high school teacher of Czech language and History experienced in teaching and tutoring all age and difficulty levels.

New York


(New York, NY)

Suzanna (Zuzana) Halsey
Czech Matters!

Adjunct Instructor of Czech at New York University and private students
Over 30 years of teaching experience in NY. Flexible, customized classes according to student's ability and need. Uses songs, YouTube, and cultural references to supplement textbooks. Active member of the Czech community in New York. Offers also diction coaching for opera singers.


(New Glarus, WI)
Dana Mendlikova
A Czech native born in Prague, Dana is interested in teaching and tutoring Czech language to all ages - private or group classes, present translations, choreograph Czech dance groups, and teach the correct pronunciation of Czech songs. She as well translates legal and personal documents and letters and is available by appointment all week or on Saturdays.

Web sites providing contacts for Teachers of the Czech language
http://www.bohemica.com (under Teachers)
usa.afs.org or www.afs.cz, a non-profit organization, offers semester and year stays in the Czech Republic (being hosted by a Czech family and attending high school), and learning not only the language, but also about the culture. Also, with AFS
there is a possibility to host a Czech student here in the U.S.