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Lidice 2020 Invitation

We cordially invite all the American children from 4-16 to participate at the fine arts competition.


The UN General Assembly declared 2020 International Year of Plant Health. Healthy plants are important for all life on the Earth, for the proper functioning of ecosystems and for food safety. Plant pests and diseases damage crops, decreasing availability of food and increasing the cost of food production. Helping to maintain sound environment, forests and biodiversity and overcome climatic changes, healthy plants support the fight against famine, poverty and malnutrition. Plants, big and small, belong to the landscape just as the landscape belongs to man from time immemorial. The 48th ICEFA Lidice features the following theme: 



  • Life of plants and trees
  • Diversity and forms of landscapes
  • Landscape and home
  • Landscape affected by human activity
  • Spirit of landscape – its mood, fragrance, sounds 
  • Architecture and landscape
  • Animals in the landscape
  • Horizons


  • Drawing, painting
  • Printmaking
  • Mixed media
  • Photography
  • Film/animation
  • Art objects (ceramics, metal, wood, glass, textile, paper)

Photographs documenting art events or projects as well as series of entries that need to be installed together are ineligible for the exhibition.


  • The exhibition is open only to children at age of 4 to 16, though handicapped participants can enter the exhibition regardless of age (please include “handicap”, type of handicap and the age of the participant).
  • The maximum format for a 2D entry is 70 × 50 cm.
  • The maximum format for a 3D entry is 100 × 70 x 40 cm, max. weight 10 kg.
  • A maximum of two entries of the same technique (painting, drawing, printing, mixed media, photography, film/animation, 3D objects) by one artist is acceptable; however, one artist can send in entries of different techniques.
  • Only photos on good-quality paper are acceptable.
  • Films - short fims and animations up to 3 minutes in lenght. For further specifications (eligibility criteria, the process of making films) and for online Registration available for download at this webpage in the box in the upper right corner.
  • The entries employing colours that can be dusted or wiped must be fixed (pastel etc.).
  • Only original copies are acceptable. Copies, Xerox copies or electronic copies will not be eligible for assessment.
  • Only such entries will be eligible for assessment that stick to the theme set for the edition. Larger entries, entries in passe-partout, mounted on colour or other papers and entries lacking a proper label will be excluded.
  • The maximum weight of a consignment containing competing works must not exceed 10 kg.

We ask teachers to make a pre-selection of entries to be sent in to the exhibition in order to create as good a school collection as possible.

14 February 2020
Closing date for the registration and the last acceptable date on the postmark on the consignment of entries. 

All information can be found on the website of the organizer.