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Photo: Czech Embassy
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Brewing Like Czechs Do at CBC 2019

Thank you for coming to meet with Czech experts, brew-masters and representatives of major companies at Craft Brewers Conference event "Brewing Like Czechs Do" on Tuesday, April 9 in Denver, CO. Centuries of tradition in beer brewing and indisputable quality of Czech beer serves as a solid base for cooperation between US craft brewers and Czech experts.

The event organized by the Czech Embassy in Washington, DC and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic once again provided space for expert, business or even casual meetings between US craft brewers and their colleagues from the Czechia.

The Czech Republic has a lot to offer - exceptional ingredients (hops, malt, etc.), top-notch technologies and know-how.

Thanks to Aslan Brewing, Live Oak Brewing, Port City Brewing and Trans Canada Brewing who kindly donated their excellent Bohemian-style lagers participants also had the opportunity to taste local beers brewed from Czech ingredients “like Czechs do”.

Looking forward to seeing you all in San Antonio at CBC 2020!