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Czech Companies at the American Nuclear Society’s Meeting 2017

The largest annual gathering for the American nuclear community took place in San Francisco via the American Nuclear Society’s annual meeting on June 11-15, 2017. This year, a strong Czech presence was felt via seven representatives from four Czech companies, specialized in the technologies of nuclear reactors utilizing fluoride salts as coolants or fuel. Their participation was not passive by any means. On the contrary, the Czech delegation presented six scientific papers and several of these were prepared in collaboration with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.

Each of the four Czech companies focused on a different aspect of technology for molten salt reactors. Research Center Řez presented an all-encompassing paper about Czech-American collaboration as well as on a new research program regarding salt reactors, specifically on results from the field of fluoride salt neutronics obtained from the unique experimental reactor LR-0.  The company UJV Řez presented on the development of molten salt reactors fuel cycle technology. The companies COMTES FHT and MICo represented Czech molten salt reactor supply chain. The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Washington supported the participation of the Czech companies via its economic diplomacy program.