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Tatra Seminar & Auto Show

(This article expired 26.03.2012.)

Come see antique and modern TATRA vehicles showcased at the Czech Embassy from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on May 7, 2011. Listen and learn during seminars regarding TATRA's history and current models.

The Czech company TATRA, a.s., ranks among the oldest truck and car companies in the world still in existence and based in Koprivnice, a town situated in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. It was founded in 1850 by Ignac Sustala to manufacture coaches and carriages. The company manufactured the first passenger car in Central Europe called the Prasident in 1897 and its first truck in 1898.

During the inter World War period, Tatra made headway in car design with the ingenuity of engineer Hans Ledwinka, who invented a revolutionary chassis design with a central load-carrying tube with swinging half-axles, still used today. With Ledwinka´s contributions, Tatra introduced the first ever series produced streamlined cars that had been mass produced.

Come see these amazing vehicles (pictured below) at the Czech Embassy and learn more about the revolutionary engineering and technology of TATRA on May 7, 2011. Seminar sessions regarding the history and current models of TATRA will be given through out the day.

In 1931, Tatra introduced the T-57 model, with an air-cooled, four cylinder, overhead front valve engine. It was an economical car for the masses and produced in large volume. It remained in production until after World War II. 

1935 Tatra T57

1935 T57
Photo courtesy of the Lane Motor Museum

In 1934, the famous T77 was the first serial-produced aerodynamically designed automobile, with independent suspension and powered by a 75 horsepower, rear mounted 3.4 liter air cooled V8 engine. The vehicle sports a rear sloping fin to divide air pressure, a technique used in later aircraft.

1938 T77

1938 T77
Photo courtesy of John Long

The T77 was followed by the unique, 85 horsepower, rear-mounted 2.9 liter V8 air-cooled engine model T87, with speeds up to nearly 100 mph.  Introduced in 1936, this model was favored by Hitler and German officers for its high speed and remarkable traction. However, these vehicles also became known as the 'Czech Secret Weapon' during WWII for the scores of NAZIs who died behind these fast wheels, prompting Hitler to ban his top officers from driving them. So unique a vehicle, the T87 was voted the most collectible car of the year of 2010 by the New York Times.

1948 T87

1948 T87

1948 T87
1948 T87
Photo courtesy of Ivo Slezak

During the Cold War, TATRA continued to manufacture trucks, buses and also the six passengerluxury car T603, which also had a rear-mounted, air-cooled V8 and aerodynamic features. Introduced in 1955 and produced until 1975, the comfortable T603 was reserved only for communist officials and presidents in Eastern-European countries and Cuba (Fidel Castro).

1959 T 603

1959 Tatra 603
Photo courtesy of Martin Simek

Today, TATRA´s core product range consists of trucks for combined off-road and on-road transportation and heavy duty off-road trucks, as for example, the T815-7NOR99 with excellent 8x8 drive configuration. This vehicle is a member of the most recent development of the new military family of TATRA trucks- heavy-duty vehicles. Due to its specific design features, this truck is particularly suitable for operation in the most difficult off-road or cross-country conditions. It can serve as a tactical truck, or carry various kinds of special superstructures and load handling systems.

For more information on the T815-7NOR99 click here.

Tatra X6 Tatra X8


Tatra CAS 30-S3R Tatra CAS 30-S3R

TATRA representatives will be on hand to answer any questions during the TATRA Auto Show on May 7, 2011. You may also visit TATRA at www.tatra.cz to learn more about TATRA´s history and current models.


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