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Photo: Gulag.cz
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Invitation – online screenings, exhibition and museum tour about the Gulag system

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Yerevan is pleased to bring to your attention a set of online events with a thematic focus on the Gulag prison system, Soviet totalitarianism and repressions. While physical events are still limited, you can choose from online documentary screenings, online exhibition, virtual museum tour or even try your own research, all from the safety and comfort of your home.


The Gulag.cz Association is a group of Czechs interested in the phenomenon of the Gulag prison system and the Soviet totalitarian regime in general. It shares information about the Soviet Gulag and its links to Czechoslovakia and other countries. You can find out more about this Prague-based NGO at its website: https://gulag.cz/en/about-us (available in Czech, English and Russian).


One of the key results of Gulag.cz’s research is the Gulag Online virtual museum. It is a result of thorough research, including field trips and archeological and archival research, combined with the use of modern IT technologies. You can explore this virtual museum, complete with a 3D tour, at https://gulag.online/ in Czech, English, Russian, Polish or Hungarian languages.


As part of a joint project with Russian colleagues, Gulag.cz also helped create a search engine facilitating the search for information about victims of Soviet repressions. The online database, which is available at http://www.memsearch.org/en/ (in English, Czech and Russian), is intended not only for historians and researchers, but also for the general public. Anyone willing to find out information about people affected by Soviet repression – be it their ancestors, relatives, friends, neighbors or anyone else – can use it as a source of valuable information.


We would also like to bring to your attention the short documentary movies on exploration of the Gulag and the totalitarian regime in the USSR. The following documentaries are currently available online:

- “A Journey to the Gulag” – at https://youtu.be/NR4AUipJbsA (with English, Russian, Ukrainian or Polish subtitles to choose from)

- “Expedition To The Marble Gorge” – at https://youtu.be/E2-QeMPXxLY (with English or Russian subtitles)

There are also other shorter movies and videoreports available at the Gulag.cz youtube channel ( https://www.youtube.com/c/GULAGcz/ ), such as “Expedition Karwiná – In the footsteps of Nazi camps in old Karviná” or a short series titled “Czechs and the Great Terror”. Most videos are available with English and Russian subtitles.


The most recent addition to the project activities is the online exhibition titled „Repressed art. Artists in the KGB/StB documents.” You can browse through and enjoy the English version of the exhibition at https://art.cdvr.org.ua/en/ (other languages to choose from are Czech, Ukrainian and Georgian). The exhibition features stories of famous artists, film directors, actors, musicians and writers collected mostly from archives in today’s Czech Republic, Ukraine and Georgia. There is also an Armenian footprint in the exhibition, since it includes a story of prominent film director of Armenian origin Sergey Parajanov.