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Czech Ministry of Health recommendations on coronavirus

In view of the current epidemiological situation, the Ministry of Health requests all citizens who are now returning from affected regions to stay at home after they return, and to contact and consult their doctor or the hygiene station in their region by TELEPHONE. A doctor/epidemiologist at the respective hygiene station will then decide on the further course of action.
The Ministry of Health issued a new extraordinary measure today with a view to the significant spread of the COVID-19 disease in Italy (approximately 4,000 cases) and the fact that the predominant number of persons infected in the Czech Republic contracted the disease while staying in Italy.  


We recommend that travellers who were in affected regions in the period starting from the middle of January 2020 monitor their state of health over the following 14 days, focusing on symptoms of incipient respiratory diseases, such as fever with a temperature of over 38°C and difficulty breathing. If you experience such respiratory disease symptoms, stay at home, limit contact with others and contact your doctor by telephone. He or she will organise further provision of medical care in cooperation with the regional hygiene station. 

If you suspect you have been infected with the coronavirus (you are exhibiting symptoms and have been to an affected region), please do not go to your doctor’s surgery, but rather contact him or her by telephone!

With immediate effect, all persons having their permanent residence in the Czech Republic who return from Italy to the Czech Republic from 7 March 2020 forward are ordered to immediately report this to their general practitioner, by telephone or other remote means of communication (mobile application, e-mail, skype, etc.), i.e., without personal contact.

Furthermore, general practitioners are ordered to impose a quarantine of 14 days upon any person who has his or her permanent residence in the Czech Republic and returns from a stay in Italy to the Czech Republic after 7 March 2020.

Quarantine means, above all, separating healthy persons from other persons, in order to prevent transmission of an infectious disease in a period when such a disease may spread.  Pursuant to the Act on Public Health Protection, a fine of up to CZK 3 million may be imposed for violating quarantine.  In the event of the occurrence of the COVID-19 disease, a general practitioner may extend the quarantine.  Persons in quarantine are entitled to disability payments.  If employees are in a good state of health and interested in working remotely, we ask employers to accommodate them in this extraordinary situation and to arrange with them the ability to work from home.  Due to this extraordinary measure and due to further impacts caused by the COVID-19 disease, the State is prepared to immediately prepare, through the Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank, programmes to compensate businesses for their losses.