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New procedure of applying for long-term visas and residence permits

The operation of the VISAPOINT system was completely terminated on 31 October 2017. Arrangement of a date/term for receiving a visa application or residence permit via VISAPOINT is no longer possible. The confirmed appointments made in VISAPOINT for November 2017 remain valid.  Since December 1, 2017 runs a new procedure to apply  for long-term visas and residence permits by e - mail.

How to apply?

Term/date of submitting of application for long-term visas and residence permits you must arrange in advance, and only by sending an e - mail to this e-mail address: visa_yerevan@mzv.cz, and only in Russian or English.

Doing this, the rule is valid: one e-mail – one applicant, with an exemption for under-aged children, who can submit their applications for long-term visas and residence permits along with their legal representatives. These under-aged children can be included in the e-mail requests of their legal representatives.

E-mail requests for term/date of submitting of applications shall be within the e-mail box arranged into one „endless“ queue by date, hours, minutes and seconds of their receiving.

The number of accepted e-mail requests is maximum 48 per month.

The quota for acceptance of employee cards´ applications and long-term business visas´ applications has been set at 25 applications for 2 calendar months.

The Embassy does not influence arrangement of received e-mails in any case. The Embassy shall ignore any request regarding change of previously arranged term/date of submitting application. In the case the applicant can not come to the Embassy for submitting application in an agreed term/date, he/she is obliged to register for a new term/date by e-mail again.

Each e-mail request must contain below-mentioned items – in absence of some of them the request shall be ignored:

  • name and surname of an applicant
  • type of a residence permit the applicant intends to apply for
  • contact data of an applicant (e - mail, phone)
  • number of his/her travel document
  • electronic copy of the data page of travel document of an applicant and electronic copy of the document declaring the purpose of his/her stay (e. g. certificate on study, commercial register statement, concluded contract etc.); without these above-mentioned supplements an e-mail request is invalid and shall be ignored; above-mentioned copies should be sent only in .pdf format.

A term/date confirmation: consular section shall answer  e-mail requests by sending e-mail containing the term/date of submitting application.


Please note that when sending an email without the above-mentioned details or to the wrong email address, the applicant will not receive any response.