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Registry Agenda

The registrar agenda - birth of a child in Armenia

Birth of a child in Armenia

application for Czech citizenship (only if one of the parents is / was at the day of birth a citizen of the Czech Republic):

To issue a certificate of citizenship of the Czech Republic and registration of a child in a special register (ie. The Czech edition of a birth certificate) is necessary for the parents by / the following documents (just one parent, usually it is the citizen of the Czech Republic)

1) The original or certified copy Armenian child's birth certificate with certified translation into Czech,

2) copies of the passport (or identity card) of both parents

3) a copy of the birth certificate of both parents (if in Russian, translated and verify the accuracy of the translation)

4) a copy of the marriage certificate of parents (if in Armenian, it is necessary to translate and verify the accuracy of the translation)

5) A statement of the father or mother (the citizen of the Czech Republic on national citizenship.

6) pay the administrative fees (for issuing licenses and for legalization) by circular on administrative charges,

7) fill out an application and questionnaire to determine Czech citizenship and issuance of certificate of citizenship of the Czech Republic,

8) fill out an application for the registration of birth;

The applicant must appear in personal and bring original birth certificate (we acquire a copy) and before us an application and the statement must signed.

If the parents are not married, they must submit an Armenian document paternity.

All forms are available on our consular section.

We recommend that you arrange an appointment in advance on tel. + 374 43 686 086 or by sending an e-mail to consulate.yerevan@embassy.mzv.cz