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Long-term Residence Permit for the purpose of Family Reunification

Request to long-term residence permit for the purpose of family reunification (hereinafter the "family reunification") are entitled to file if you are:

1. husband of foreigners with a residence permit;

2. minor or adult dependent child of an alien with a residence permit;

3. minor or adult dependent child of a husband foreigners with a residence permit;

4. Minors foreigner, who was a foreigner with a residence permit in the husband or his decision by the authority entrusted to foster care, or that he was a foreigner with a residence permit in the member's spouse or adopted, or whose guardian or husband's guardian is a foreigner with permitted residing in the territory if the care of the minor foreign national exercise within the territory;

5. lone foreigner older than 65 years of age or regardless of age foreigner who is of himself unable for reasons of health care alone, in the case of family reunification with a parent or a child with a residence permit in the territory.

Request to long-term residence permit for the purpose of family reunification foreigner is entitled to submit only if it combines with a family member who is a holder of a long-term or permanent residence and resided in the Czech Republic has for at least 15 months; in the case of reunification of spouses, each of them must be at least 20 years. If these criteria are not met, the alien may apply for a long-term visa for family reunification.

Request to long-term residence permit for the purpose of family reunification is submitted at the embassy. During their stay in the country on a visa for over 90 days or permanent residence permits issued for other purposes you can request a long term residence permit for the purpose of family reunification to bring the territory of the regional office of the Department of the Interior Ministry residence of foreigners.

Particulars of the application:

· Completed application form;

· 2 photos;

· passport;

· Document confirming family relationship (birth certificate, marriage certificate);

· Proof of accommodation during their stay in the territory;

· Consent of a parent or other legal representative or guardian of the child's residence on the territory unless the cohabitation of a family with that parent or legal guardian;

· Document proving that the total monthly family income after reunification will not be lower than (1) the sum of the amounts of the subsistence minimum family members and (2) the sum of the highest amount of normative housing costs established for the purposes of housing allowance special legislation or an amount credibly prove the amount of actual justified cost spent on family housing; a form of proof of aggregate monthly income is not directly determined by law. For more information contact the Ministry of Interior.

· Criminal record as a basis for assessing criminal issued by the state of which you are a citizen and the state in which you lived in the last 3 years for a period longer than 6 months, or a statutory declaration in the event that the State does document is not - by a foreign document must be provided with a corresponding verification (unless an international treaty by which the Czech Republic is bound) and officially translated into the Czech language;

· Travel health insurance - at least EUR 60,000 EURO covering the territory (insurance shall be submitted before the visa in the passport)

· Payment of an administrative fee for filing the application (2.500, - CZK).

When applying for a long-term permit is required the personal presence of the applicant.

Particulars of the application must not be older than 180 days, excluding travel documents, registry documents and photographs of the foreigner, corresponding to its actual form, unless otherwise specified. All the elements, except the travel document, must be in Czech language (requirement in the Czech language or in a foreign language requirement with a certified translation into Czech).

Travel document must not be older than 10 years must contain at least 2 free pages and its validity must be at least three months longer than the validity period of the visa anticipated.

Embassy is entitled to a hearing by the applicant. If the applicant interrogation conducted, embassies draw up a report on the hearing, which the applicant subsequently signs. Note, however, that the application procedure is conducted in the Czech language, and thus the record is made in the Czech language. If the Czech language you do not understand, we recommend you bring an interpreter.

Decisions on long term residence permit for the purpose of family reunification Ministry of Interior issued within 270 days of submission of the application