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Transmission for Long-term or Permanent Residence permit to a new passport

If you hold a valid long-term or permanent residence, and ends only valid as travel documents, this document have lost or will be stolen, you can get to the embassy in Yerevan to ask about getting Long-term visa for the purpose of collecting a residence permit in your newly issued passport. This visa, which is granted ex officio, allows you to arrive to the Czech Republic and the relevant departments of the stay of foreigners DAMP MoI take permit.

Requirements for obtaining long-term visa for the purpose of receiving a residence permit to a new passport:

· A completed application form

· 1 photo

· Original of a newly issued passport

· If necessary. a copy of the old passport + copy of a residence title

· Travel health insurance - at least EUR 60,000 EURO covering the territory of the Czech Republic (insurance provided in the event of a positive outcome of the proceedings before the visa in the passport) - does not apply for a permanent residence permit;