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All visa applicants are obliged to make an on-line appointment!

Since December 1, 2017 runs a new procedure for  submission of short-term visa applications by e-mail.

How to register for submission of application for Schengen visa?

Information is available in Armenian and in Czech


How to register for submission of application for Long term visa/Residence permit?

Applicants must arrange in advance appointment for submission of application for long-term visas or residence permit, and only by sending an e-mail in Russian or English or Czech. to the following e-mail address: visa_yerevan@mzv.cz 

Embassy does not influence the arrangement of received e-mails in any case. The Embassy shall ignore any request regarding change of previously arranged appointment date for submitting an application. In the case the applicant cannot come to the Embassy for submitting the application in an agreed term/date, he/she is obliged to register for a new appointment date by e-mail again.

Each e-mail request must contain below-mentioned items – in absence of some of them the request shall be ignored:

  • name and surname, date of birth of the applicant
  • number of his/her passport
  • purpose of the planned visit
  • contact data of an applicant (e - mail, phone)

Appointment date confirmation: Consular section shall answer e-mail requests by sending an e-mail containing the term/date of submitting application.

Registration is necessary for all applicants for long-term visas or residence permit, at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Yerevan.

Registration and its processing is free of charge.

In case applicants cannot come to the appointment, they must cancel their appointment date by e-mail, as it is not possible to reschedule the appointment date and time.  
It is not possible to make group reservations. Each applicant may only schedule one appointment at a time.

The applicant must arrive exactly  on scheduled time, otherwise the reserved time given in the application will be cancelled.

The confirmed registration for the interview does not stipulate the right for granting the visa.

It will be no longer possible to accept applicants without previous on-line appointment. 


All applicants are required to submit the visa application in person. Upon submitting the visa application, an interview will take place and applicants may be asked to explain the reasons of their intended visit.

In certain justified exceptional cases, the requirement for personal presence may be waived.

Personal appearance is waived for persons below 12 years of age, however, the parent/legal guardian lodging such an application must appear in person.