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Supporting Documents


(ref. to Art. 14, 15 and 48 of the Visa Code –Reg. (EC) No. 810/2009)

1/ Documents indicating the purpose of the journey

for business trips:

- an invitation (+ copy) from a firm or an authority to attend meetings, conferences or events connected with trade, industry or work

for touristic journeys:

- hotel voucher in original with paid confirmation, stamped and signed by the person-in-charge, with contact telephone number, sent by fax or by email scanned version.

for visiting friends or relatives:

- invitation (+ copy) from the host if staying with one (in a special form issued by the Czech Alien Police)   

 for study or training:

- certificate of enrolment at an educational establishment OR invitation from organisation providing the training (+ copy)

for participation in scientific, cultural, sport or other events:    

- invitation from the host organisation (+ copy)

for transit:

- visa OR other entry permit for the country of destination AND tickets for onward journey

for any other reasons:

- any document proving the purpose of journey specified in the Visa Application Form

2/ Documents in relation to accommodation

All the documents confirming hotel accommodation should be fully paid and attached to the Visa application.

Consular Department will not accept any reservations made via booking.com and other Internet portals.

3/ Documents indicating that the applicant possesses sufficient means of subsistence both for stay and return

  1. applicant´s bank certificate certifying the existance of financial means (in Russian or in English)
  2. bank certificate indicating turnover covering the period of last 3 months prior to the date of presenting the application for a visa

OR corresponding document from the third party, which certifies covering of all expences connected to the applicant's trip

4/ Information enabling an assessment of the applicant’s intention to leave the territory of the Czech Republic/Schengen zone before the expiry of the visa applied for

- job certificate (in Russian or in English)

- ticket reservation

- for minors: parental/custody consent (notarized and translated into Russian or English)

5/ Travel medical insurance + copy

+ consular fee (in EUR)

+ passport + copy of passport (+ copies of previous trips to Schengen zone/UK/USA, if available)

+ 1 photo (3.5 x 4.5) The head must be at least 80% of the photo area

+ application form (should be filled in only in English or in Czech languages)

+ confirmation of an entity receiving in the territory of the Czech Republic a third country citizen for the purpose of economic activity or educational activity


Note: The list of documents is not to be applied for family members (spouse, child, dependent ascendant) of EU, EEA or Swiss citizens.

Please, note that the Consulate may ask for any other document proving the information indicated in the Visa Application Form or during the interview.  


Travel Medical Insurance:

-the minimum coverage shall be EUR 30.000

-the insurance shall be valid throughout the territory of all Schengen countries

the insurance should cover the number of days applied within the period prolonged by 15 days.