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Ambassador´s Residence

The residence of the Ambassador of the Czech Republic, also known by its poetic name Villa Magnolia, is truly a representative building, located in a prestigious London district of Hampstead. In its ground floor, as well as in the extensive gardens, concerts, social events and business meetings of top politicians are held. And yes, in the garden of the residence, there are actually blooming magnolia bushes every year!

Before World War II the residence of the Ambassador of the then Czechoslovakia was situated  at 23 Wilton Crescent in Belgravia, in the vicinity of our first Embassy´s buildings at 8-9 Grosvenor Place. At the end of the war, this building was still in the posession of the Czechoslovak state , but as well as the Embassy buildings it suffered damage during the wartime bombing of London, and after 1948 it was decided that it be relocated.

Since the mid-1950s, the seat of our Ambassador is located at 70 Redington Road, on the very edge of Hamsptead Heath. Ambassador´s family occupies the first floor of this building, on the ground floor there are three elegant lounges serving representative purposes, ranging from cultural events to political negotiations in an intimate setting. On the stage in the smoking lounge, a majestic Bechstein piano, made before the First World War, awaits the listeners.

If the weather allows, it is possible to use the spacious garden in the back for social gatherings and garden parties, allowing the visitors to appreciate the wonderful shrubs that gave the villa its name - the magnolias.