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Culture and Education

The mission of the Embassy of the Czech Republic’s Cultural Section is to bring the vibrancy and richness of Czech culture and heritage to Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas. Through film screenings, lectures, theatrical performances, concerts and more, the Cultural Section strives to feature talented Czech artists and draw more awareness of the Czech Republic’s dynamic artistic community and initiatives. The Cultural Section works with organizations and individuals to form fruitful collaborations in presenting the Czech Republic to the local and international community.

Kulturní sekce

(in the picture above: Cultural Attaché Robert Řehák, Public Relations Specialist Mary Fetzko, Cultural Counselor Barbara Karpetová, and Deputy Chief of Mission Jaroslav Zajíček hold a letter from the President of the United States expressing his congratulations for the Mutual Inspirations Festival)

Barbara Karpetová
Head of the Cultural Section

Robert Řehák
Second Secretery and Cultural Attaché

Mary E. Fetzko
Public Relations Officer

Embassy of the Czech Republic
3900 Spring of Freedom Street, NW
Washington, DC 20008

E-mail: cul_washington@embassy.mzv.cz