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Photo: Czech Embassy Luxembourg
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Screening of famous Czech New Wave film the Joke

Date: 10.10.2018 19:00, Venue: Ambassade de la République tcheque 2, rond-point Robert Schuman L-2525 Luxembourg

The Embassy of the Czech Republic has the honor to announce the screening of the famous Czech New Wave film by Jaromil Jireš, the "Joke" projection, based on the Milan Kundera novel of 1967.

Piece of thwarted love and revenge miscarried, read for deep political implications, shading new light on the eternal themes of human existence, the film was for a long time languishing in the censor´s office, proscribed by the than Czechoslovak communist regime. 

Describing a brilliant attack on the Stalinist mentality in the glow of the Prague Spring, the movie updates a great deal about the background of the not too far-fetched Czechoslovak history, representing a puissant offering of humorous look at inhumanity.  

A story of poly-historical, psychological perception and literary finesse, the film depicts with enviable fluidity and relaxed ease in transition from storytelling to essay and back again, a tremendous synthetic power: poetry, fantasy, philosophy, aphorism, essay, all rolled in one. A work of art. A classic.


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