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Projects of the Transition Promotion Program 2020

In the Framework of the Transition Promotion Program, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Albania is in 2020 implementing two projects – one focused on the period of communism and transition, the second one on media. 

The first one is called “Three decades later: Memories and dialogue from a student´s perspective and its implementer is the Albanian Institute for Political Studies (ISP). The project is focused on the period of communism. Its goal is to increase the awareness of the younger generation of students about the period 1945-1990 in Albania, to involve universities  in dealing with the past, by promoting public debate on social reflection on the human rights denied by the communist regime, so as to contribute to the strengthening of democratic education of young students, in the context of the EU integration process and in view of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the communist system in Albania. The project builds on a similar project „Remembrance through Memory and Dialogue with the Past“, which was in cooperation with ISP implemented in 2019.


The second project belongs to the category of media and is called Media Independence in the Times of Disinformation. Its implementer is the Albanian Media Institute. The goal of this very ambitious project is a monitoring study on the main trends and problems related to disinformation and propaganda in Albania media (with focus on fake news and conspiracies during the earthquake and corona virus pandemic as case studies).