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Student Facilitation


The aim of the STUDENT FACILITATION: FACILITATION OF VISA PROCEDURES FOR STUDENTS FROM CERTAIN COUNTRIES (henceforth “STUDENT FACILITATION PROGRAM”) is to facilitate visa/residency permit procedures for students from certain countries admitted to study at universities in the Czech Republic.


Students from the following countries can take part in the STUDENT FACILITATION

States Included in the Student Facilitation Program (XLSX, 12 KB)

Universities listed HERE (bottom of the page) participate in the STUDENT FACILITATION PROGRAM.


Further information:

DETAILED AND UPDATED INFORMATION ABOUT THE STUDENT FACILITATION PROGRAM is available on the webpage of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, which is the guarantor of the program.

Forms for students and schools interested in participating in the program can be accessed on that webpage, including filled-out samples.

Text of the STUDENT FACILITATION PROGRAM as approved by the government (in Czech): Režim student_Koncept pro usnadnění vízové procedury.pdf

Procedure for inclusion of universities and prospective students (in Czech): Postupy zařazování vysokých škol a uchazečů o studium (PDF, 198 KB)